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Keen on "Solving the Google Problem"

Andrew Keen, author of Digital Vertigo, recently made a couple of interesting points on CNN in a piece titled “Solving ‘the Google problem’ key to ensuring the Internet’s success.

“The future may, indeed, have arrived on the Internet. But rather than being run by intelligent devices, it’s unfortunately being run more and more by a single company – Google, which controls over 90% of the search market in several European countries.”

Both the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission are at key points in their investigations of Google’s business practices.

“Time is, indeed, of the essence. As the future arrives on all our devices and ‘the Internet of things’ becomes a reality, it is essential that this Google problem, which is undermining entrepreneurial innovation, is resolved.

“An Internet of things must be a place of all of our things, not just Google’s things.”

Keen’s closing message stated that “for future entrepreneurs to be able to innovate, we need fair search which doesn’t prioritize the products and services of Google itself.”

FairSearch could not agree more. To learn more about what’s at stake in the FTC investigation and small business owners that have been harmed, visit www.fairsearch.org/ftcinvestigation.