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SEO Book: "Google Eats Their Organic Search Results"

Aaron Wall of SEO Book posted last week about Google search manipulating ways. Using a screengrab visual of a set of Google-heavy results to a query for “Hollywood cauldron,” he writes, “not only do they monetize via AdWords, but Google has 6 listings in the ‘organic’ search sites.”

He goes on to challenge “any Google search engineer” to “a public debate as to the legitimacy of Google’s search results.”

Yes, please!

The whole post, screengrabs and  comments are absolutely worth a read, but Wall sums it up with this explanation:

“If an SEO gets half of the search results (for anything other than his own brand) he is an overt spammer. If Google eats half of the search results with duplicating nepotism across their own house ‘brands’ then it is legitimate.”

Unfortunately, we know Google’s answer on this: “Not every website can come out at the top of the page, or even appear on the first page of our search results.”

Of course, not every site can come out at the top. All of those spots are reserved for Google products.