FairSearch: "It would be better to do nothing than to accept Google’s proposals" to the European Commission

The following is a statement from Thomas Vinje, counsel to FairSearch Europe on Google’s proposal to settle the European Commission’s investigation into concerns the Commission has expressed that Google may be in violation of EU competition laws. Statement by Thomas … Continued

Fair Search Results Key To Restoring Competition Online

With the Federal Trade Commission and European Commission nearing the end of investigations into Google’s anti-competitive practices, it is important to emphasize that requiring the fair and unbiased display of search results on Google is a key desired outcome. The … Continued

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "We Disagree That We Are In Violation"

Since the European Commission identified “four concerns where Google business practices may be considered as abuses of dominance,” Google has apparently been suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile, while speaking at a conference in London, Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt continued to deny … Continued


Experts Around the World React to European Commission’s Announcement

The European Commission’s announcement yesterday laying out the initial conclusions from its 18 month investigation into Google’s anticompetitive practices sparked reactions from experts and officials around the world. The Wall Street Journal consulted Becket McGrath, a partner at law firm … Continued