Danny Sullivan on "Google's Broken Promises"

FairSearch has frequently asked whether Google can really be trusted, a question that is as important as ever. Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan recently published a blog post titled “Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine?” … Continued

FairSearch Principles for Evaluating Remedies to Google's Antitrust Violations

The members of FairSearch have often been asked, what remedies are our members seeking to resolve the harms that result from Google’s anti-competitive search and business practices. Enforcing existing competition laws in the online context is vital to fostering greater … Continued

FCC: "Google Deliberately Impeded and Delayed" Wi-Spy Investigation

The Federal Communications Commission hit Google with a $25,000 fine on Friday after “Google deliberately impeded and delayed” its investigation into whether Google was “violating the federal communications law designed to prevent electronic eavesdropping” when its Street View project collected … Continued