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Unveiling the New FairSearch.org!

Ever since the DOJ placed restrictions on Google acquisition of ITA Software, FairSearch has received a number of questions about the future of FairSearch.org.

From the beginning, FairSearch has been group of businesses and organizations who joined together to promote a healthy Internet future where economic growth is driven by competition, transparency and innovation in search.

And it’s still true.

The Department of Justice’s ruling on ITA was a victory for consumers and a step in the right direction but we believe that there is more to be done in order to protect competition, transparency and innovation in search.

That’s why we are unveiling a brand new FairSearch.org site!

There are a few new things in particular that we’re really excited about:

  • The Case for Fair Search: An in-depth look at how search works and why Google’s control over search and search advertising results in higher prices and fewer choices for consumers.
  • Share Your Story: You’ve asked for a forum for users, who have witnessed Google’s anti-competitive behavior first-hand, to report abuse. We listened. Come tell your account of how Google’s dominance affected your business (we won’t share your story with anyone else without your explicit permission).
  • Advocacy Center: In addition to sharing your story with us, Congress needs to hear your story as well! The FairSearch Advocacy Center is a tool where you can tell your member of Congress to stand up and protect consumers by maintaining a competitive online marketplace.
  • Google Under Investigation: An overview of many of the antitrust investigations that Google currently faces from law enforcement agencies around the world.

And stay tuned, we have a few more exciting announcements that we’ll be rolling out over the next several months!

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