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Amadeus Shares Expedia’s Concerns

Last week, several European companies and organizations voiced support for TripAdvisor and Expedia after both filed complaints with the European Commission detailing Google’s anticompetitive behavior.

This morning, Amadeus, a technology provider for the global travel and tourism industry, added its support to the growing group. In a corporate blog post, Amadeus wrote that it “shares the same concerns as Expedia.” The post also outlined Amadeus’ concerns about the potential impact of Google Flight Search on the online travel industry:

“It is critical to ensure that Google Flight Search does not mislead consumers into believing that Google offers comprehensive and neutral results, whereas in fact they may be biased, favouring Google’s own services even if they are of a lower quality and an even higher price than other services offered by independent travel distributors. It also leads to consumers potentially missing out on the best price available in the market, and limits fair competition between airlines.”

Since Google’s acquisition of ITA Software and its entrance into travel search, FairSearch has raised concerns about the impact of Google’s anticompetitive behavior on competition, innovation and consumer choice in the travel search industry.