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Buscapé Joins FairSearch.org

FairSearch is proud to announce that one of Brazil’s fastest-growing tech companies, price comparison site Buscapé, is joining the coalition.

Buscapé is the first Latin American company to join FairSearch.org and one of several member companies (including ShopCity.com, Twenga and Foundem) that specialize in shopping search. According to comScore, Google controls 90% of the search market in Latin America.

“We value the maintenance of a fair competitive environment in online search. Google discriminates against other price comparison sites by steering users to its own shopping search product, and that harms consumers since Google has the best natural search results in only 2% of cases,” says Rodrigo Borer, VP Comparison Shopping of Buscapé Company.

In December 2011, Buscapé submitted a formal complaint against Google to the Secretaria de Direito Econômico (SDE) of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice. In that document, the company outlined its belief that Google limits competition by unfairly boosting the ranking of its Google Product Search in organic search results as well as the deceptive display of its own products.