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Corallo: Innovation Doesn't Invite Irresponsibility: Google is Not Above the Law

In an opinion piece on the Daily Caller Website, FairSearch spokesman Mark Corallo detailed his support for free market ideas and how they support the growth of innovation and the economy. Corallo wrote that he understands why some companies, especially those in the ever-evolving tech sector, are wary of antitrust regulation. But, Corallo rejected the idea that Google can be excused from enforcement of our nation’s antitrust laws, which are meant to protect competition in a free market, when Google is causing real harm to the same free market that has allowed it to thrive.

Corallo writes:

“Antitrust laws, properly understood and applied, are intended to ensure businesses get to compete on a level economic playing field and to protect them from some of the most egregious examples of economic bullying. When correctly applied, antitrust laws prevent a dominant player from unfairly leveraging its market share to thwart competitors and potential competitors from even entering the market with new and ideas, services and products. They encourage smaller businesses to jump into the game and innovate. A vibrant, competitive market place not only benefits consumers, but is the key to job creation and economic growth.”

Corallo explains the many ways in which Google is abusing its power in the search and search advertising world. Google’s arbitrary and secretive pricing methods for advertising customers and promotion of Google Products at the expense of competitors ultimately hurts consumers and businesses alike.

Corallo concludes his piece by simply asking Congress to look at the facts:

“Google’s allies have tried to vilify our case with ‘sky is falling’ claims that its competitors are advocating a ‘government-funded search engine’ or the creation of a ‘bureau of search regulation.’ That is nothing but hot air meant to distract from the real problem: Google seems to think they are above the law. The appropriate response of government in this situation is simply to look at the many credible claims against Google.”

Tomorrow’s hearing will be the next step in that process.