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Dan Frommer at Business Insider: "Sorry Google, But 'Open' Is A Crock"

Yesterday Dan Frommer at Business Insider wrote an article titled, “Sorry Google, But ‘Open’ Is A Crock.”  He argues that while Google preaches “openness,” this behavior hasn’t always benefitted end users.

Google has famously said that information wants to be free. But even in the online travel space, we’re not sure we can take Google at its word.

For example, if Google truly believes in unilateral openness, will it commit to making ITA’s unique, real-time access to airline seat and pricing data available to all online travel industry players? If Google’s really for “open” systems, will it commit to renewing current ITA customers’ licenses at fair and reasonable rates and offering licenses to any and all interested parties?

Well, KAYAK and others have asked Google and ITA for these commitments, and have been denied.

Doesn’t sound “open” to us – unless, of course, Google just meant open for business.