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Fact-Checking Google: Google's Dominance in All Things Mobile

Senator Blumenthal asked a simple question. “Does Google occupy a dominant position in the smartphone operating system market?”

But watch Google Chairman Eric Schmidt skirt the issue: “Google does not have a dominant position in the smartphone market. According to comScore, Android operates on only 34.1% while Apple’s iOS runs on 43.1%.”

Android operates on 34.1% of what, Mr. Schmidt? Certainly not smartphones. We went ahead and pulled the context around Google’s data point.

“Although the Android platform accounts for the highest share of the smartphone market (43.7 percent in August), its total audience among mobile and connected devices in current use is eclipsed by the Apple iOS audience. The iOS platform had the highest share of connected devices and smartphones in use at 43.1 percent, fueled by the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market, while Android accounted for 34.1 percent of the total mobile and connected device universe.”

But the question was about smartphones, not the tablet market.

What’s more, Google controls 98% of mobile search and 97% of mobile search advertising.