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FairSearch Welcomes TheFind, eCommerce Search Engine

FairSearch is happy to report today that TheFind has joined the coalition.  With its patented search, browse and discovery technology, TheFind is expanding the eCommerce landscape through social, mobile and tablet commerce innovations.

Setting TheFind apart from traditional comparison shopping engines, the company crawls every online store in North America to build a comprehensive index of things for sale and places to buy them.  TheFind has no banner or text ads and sends the majority of its monthly traffic – at zero cost to merchant or consumer – to some 135,000 smaller independent stores, while monetizing the traffic it sends to the largest 15,000 or so retailers.

“We have chosen to join our coalition partners at FairSearch because we have found common ground in our efforts to ensure a competitive playing field and we believe that public advocacy is required to restore balance to a marketplace that has tilted towards monopoly.  Left unchecked, our concern is that monopolistic behavior in legacy search could create unfair advantages in the emerging markets of social, local and mobile search, and we’ve teamed up with FairSearch to help make our voice heard,” said Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind.

Stressing the need for a fair and competitive landscape, TheFind reiterated that in order for innovation to flourish, market conditions must allow for a maximum of players while allowing consumers to make the ultimate determination of winners and losers in new spaces.