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Google Modifies Flight Search; Adds Orbitz, Excludes Other Online Travel Agencies

News out of the Googleplex this morning: Flight Search will now include online travel agencies Orbitz.

As you remember, during the Department of Justice’s review of Google’s acquisition of ITA Software, Google promised that it would be “driving more potential customers to airlines and online travel agencies’ websites.” Then the initial Flight Search product came out without any links to online travel agencies. Google’s reasoning, “the airlines don’t want the online travel agents included.”

Orbitz’s inclusion in the results begs several questions: Have the airlines changed their minds? Why is Orbitz the only online travel agency in the results? Is excluding other online travel agencies and metasearch sites that provide transparency and choice really in the best interest of consumers?

In addition, Google has added international flights to its flight search product (as the European Union continues its investigation into Google’s conduct).

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