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Interactive Travel Service Association President: Travelers Beware of Google

FairSearch isn’t alone in its concerns about Google Flight Search. Last week, Tnooz featured a guest article from Joseph Rubin, president of the Interactive Travel Service Association (ITSA).

Google’s Flight Search only returns airline results.

“Let the buyer beware,” warns Rubin.

“Online travel companies play a vital role helping airlines, hotels and other travel partners reach millions of consumers around the world through their one-stop travel shopping sites, and provide consumers with decision-making power to research, compare and purchase travel that fits their interest and budget. Further, because of the transparency and competition that OTCs facilitate, they help lower prices for consumers, and to increase travel bookings for suppliers – a win-win-win for all involved.”

Consumers benefit from the transparency that comes when OTAs and airlines compete for the lowest fares and best itineraries.

Instead with Google Flight Search, “[consumers] are not going to get an impartial search result with multiple choices like a traditional OTA, but instead are likely to end up with a limited menu of options, as dictated by the airlines.”

As you plan your holiday travel, take heed of Rubin’s advice and beware the “Goliath of the Internet.”