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More Air Travelers = More Reason to Stand Up for Fair Search


43.6 million people are expected to travel on U.S. air carriers over the upcoming winter holidays, up approximately 3% from last year, according to the Air Transport Association of America.  And, nearly 50% of airline tickets are purchased online.

Holiday travel is rough enough already. At least competition in online travel search has made booking a trip faster, easier and – quite often – cheaper for millions of travelers. More choices in online travel search means more innovation and more price transparency – and that’s good for consumers. But all of that could change if Google gains control over ITA Software, the leading flight search provider that powers most of its competitors in online travel search.

That’s why FairSearch.org is fighting to protect choice and fair prices in online air travel.  For the roughly 20 million people who bought holiday airfare online this year – we are standing up for you!

(For those of you who are driving to Grandma’s this year – don’t worry, we are standing up for you and your spring break travel too!)