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No Reason for FTC to Rush Decision Before Google Proposal to EC

As the FTC returns to business in the New Year, it’s important to remember that reports indicate that the European Commission is expecting a detailed, formal offer from Google this month to resolve its investigation of Google’s anti-competitive search practices.

The FTC has every reason to consider Google’s proposal to the EC before deciding how to resolve the FTC’s own investigation to ensure that US consumers and innovators get at least the benefit of the remedies that are implemented in Europe.

A key question for the FTC is whether it has all the relevant information in hand when it makes its enforcement decision.

FairSearch remains convinced that US consumers and innovators deserve the same protections that the European Commission may adopt in Europe.  Consumers will fail to reap the benefits of a truly competitive online marketplace if Google is allowed to pick and choose where it biases its search results.

If the FTC fails to take decisive action to end Google’s anti-competitive practices, and locks itself out of any remedies to Google’s conduct that are offered in Europe later this month, the FTC will have acted prematurely and failed in its mission of protecting America’s consumers.