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Now That’s Good to Know

Google’s new advertising campaign designed “to empower users” to “make more informed decisions about their internet use” has really got us thinking.

If Google’s sharing things that are “good to know,” are there things that Google doesn’t want us to know?

Today, FairSearch is launching a campaign to help consumers understand just how much control Google has over what they see online. See, with control over 79% of search in the U.S., Google uses its dominant position to advance its own corporate interests instead of providing the best results for users (good to know, right?)

But there’s more: Want to know how Google stays on top? Or the secret to Google’s success? Want to hear what Google’s executives have to say about users like you? Or why Google’s products definitely aren’t free? How about why Google is under investigation by antitrust enforcers around the world?

All that and much more at FairSearch’s Good to Know campaign headquarters.