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Standard Oil, US Steel, AT&T, Microsoft and…Google?

Scores.org and byJess.net are out with another great infographic, offering “a historical perspective” on Google’s monopoly power.

And they’re asking some important questions.

Online travel consumers should pay close attention to this section:

For the full infographic: http://thenextweb.com/mobile/files/2010/10/google-monopoly.jpg

Because of its dominant position in search overall, Google already controls the search results consumers see first. And look what they’ve done with it… Gaining control over ITA Software – the software that powers most of Google’s competitors in air travel search – could enable Google to dominate flight search too. That means travel search could soon go the way of email, maps and video, with Google products or favored partners ranked at the top of all results. That may be good for Google’s ad revenues.  But it’s bad for travel consumers.