FairSearch - for the right result

Statement by Thomas Vinje, spokesman and counsel to FairSearch

The Google proposed choice screen is ineffective

18 April 2019


(Note: FairSearch was the first and primary complainant in the Android case, for which the Google proposed choice screen is asserted to be a remedy):

“Google’s egregious anticompetitive conduct has enabled it to monopolise the mobile search and browser markets. Google’s proposal for a choice screen is entirely ineffective, and completely different from the one that Microsoft agreed to with the European Commission.

“The Google choice screen for Android does nothing to correct the central problem that Google apps will remain the default on all Android devices.

“With Android holding 85% of the global smartphone market, it is time for robust enforcement of the non-discrimination principle enshrined in the European Commission’s July 2018 decision condemning Google for abuse of dominance with regard to Android.

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