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TechCrunch: Google "The Search Engine Which Makes All the Rules"

Really, Erick Schonfeld’s TechCrunch headline says it all: “Google, These Aren’t Really The Best Answers For Users. They Are The Best Answers For You.”

TechCrunch highlights Google’s favoritism of its own listing particularly with its Google Places product:

“Google is clearly using its main search page to push Google Places and make those listings more prominent…No wonder other SEO-friendly local listings and reviews sites such as Citysearch, TripAdvisor, and Yelp are up in arms about this favoritism. They are being muscled out of their previous cosy spots by the search engine which makes all the rules.”

What happens if the “search engine which makes all the rules” does the same thing with flight search results?  Google won’t be pushing its favored NY chiropractors in your face; instead you might be seeing travel deals from its favored travel partners and big advertisers before the really helpful (organic) results.

Imagine it now…you were looking for trips to Spain?  Sorry, this season Google’s advertisers are pushing France…

Bon voyage!