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Thomas Vinje – Statement on remedies 16 May 2019

Statement by Thomas Vinje,

FairSearch Legal Counsel and Spokesman


Reaction to comments by European Competition Director General Johannes Laitenberger  at the International Competition network this week that the Google remedies in the comparison shopping case after “very extensive factfinding on the effects of the remedy, that so far has been positive…”

Brussels, 16 May 2019 – FairSearch praises the European Commission for its landmark decisions against Google that have set out principle-based remedies of non-discrimination and competition on the merits, which have established crucial precedents for the digital economy.

For FairSearch however, these important accomplishments remain at risk until EU enforcement proceedings require Google to comply with the decisions both on paper and on the market. The European Commission strives to protect consumers and businesses while making competition law fit for the digital era. To do so, it must finish the job and enforce these decisions.  So far, Google’s so-called “remedies” are neither compliant nor “positive”.

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