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Tnooz Expert: "How Google could kill the Long Tail of travel"

In a blog post published today, travel expert, Timothy O’Neil-Dunne explains on Tnooz how Google (and its Google Instant product) has had the effect of steering consumers away from smaller sites and concentrating traffic toward bigger players in travel, “thus reducing the total amount of choice.”

O’Neil-Dunne explains, “the actual usage of options on the long tail has dropped and the lazy consumer sees less options.”  He continues, “it’s not going to get better. Thus there is a creeping realization that Google is not necessarily pro-consumer choice. It is Pro-Google and Pro-Consumer Laziness.”

Should we be concerned?

O’Neil-Dunne thinks so.  “This should send shivers down the spines of any and everyone in travel. It could mean, in a post-thumbs up world for its acquisition of ITA Software, Google results will be focused on the top tier players.”

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