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Wash Post editorial: Google's proposed ITA acquisition "deserves careful review"

This morning’s Washington Post editorial, Google’s proposed ITA acquisition deserves careful review, marks the second time over the past couple of weeks that a major newspaper has featured an editorial weighing the Google-ITA deal currently under review by DOJ.  The Post’s editorial laid out FairSearch.org’s  arguments against the deal early on in the piece, writing that:

“Google could abuse its dominance in online search by giving results from its travel site prominence over those of competitors. Ownership of ITA could also give Google a possible window into proprietary information that companies build into ITA to customize and optimize their searches. Google, they fear, could sabotage competitors by refusing to renew their ITA contracts when they expire. Critics also argue that Google could launch its travel site by licensing ITA technology, just as other companies do.”

The editorial goes on to make an important point, which is that while DOJ should review whether Google’s purchase of ITA could substantially reduce competition,” its examination of the deal should, in fact, more broadly consider the implications of allowing an already formidable Internet power to continue to expand its reach and consolidate its grip over a range of Internet commerce.”

Ultimately the Post urges DOJ to do what FairSearch.org has urged all along – for DOJ to review the deal closely to ensure that Google’s vast power and reach do not unfairly hinder others’ ability to compete or deprive consumers of innovations not yet imagined.”

Read the full piece here.